Famous People in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

There are many famous people who live in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Here is a list of some well-known residents:

– Actor Burt Reynolds lived in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He was born in Lansing, Michigan but moved to Florida with his father when he was five years old.

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– Actress Parker McKenna Posey is from Fort Lauderdale, FL and has gone on to have a successful acting career since she graduated high school at the age of 16. She now stars as Riley Riggins on CSI: New York (TV Series).

– Singer N’Sync member Lance Bass came out publicly by admitting that he had dated actress Reichen Lehmkuhl during their relationship together for four months while they were both living in LA. The couple met through mutual friends before moving into an apartment together down the street from where members of NSync lived.

– Singer Paula Abdul grew up in San Fernando Valley, CA but now lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL where she owns a home and spends her free time when not traveling or recording music. She has also done some acting over the years including appearances on American Idol as well as various TV shows such as The West Wing (TV Series), Ally McBeal (TV Series) and Ugly Betty.

– Actor Paul Sorvino was born in Brooklyn, New York City but moved to Florida with his family at age 11 because of an asthma condition that required him to live somewhere warm for health reasons. He is best known for playing tough Italian characters like Johnny Ola from “The Godfather” movie series though he’s also been cast in a number of comedic roles such as the father in “My Cousin Vinny”.

– Actor Richard Burgi moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL when he was seven years old and grew up there. He is best known for playing Detective Jim Ellison on the TV Series The Sentinel (TV series) which ran from 1996 until 1999 but has also made many appearances in other shows like Beverly Hills, 911! (TV serie), Star Trek: Voyager (TV series), Days Of Our Lives (TV show).

– Actress Joanna Cassidy lives part time in Hollywood Beach, Florida where she owns an apartment that’s been renovated into her private office space with all sorts of memorabilia including pictures of her family and friends who have influenced her life over the years. She has appeared in many popular TV shows and movies including Blade Runner (1982), Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988) and The Fifth Element (1997).

– Actor Ted Lange is best known for playing the bartender on the Love Boat television series which ran from 1977 until 1986 but he’s also been cast in a number of other shows like Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Land Of The Lost, Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, Fantasy Island and Wonder Woman. He currently lives part time in Hollywood Beach where his apartment overlooks all of South Florida’s waterfront properties as well as being right across the street from several gay bars that offer daily drink specials to their customers who are always friendly enough to ask him how long it will be before the next Love Boat cruise is scheduled.

– Actor George Hamilton who was born in Memphis, Tennessee and lived there for a few years before moving to Florida with his family when he was three years old has become an iconic figure on screen throughout Hollywood over the past four decades. He’s known for playing roles of wealthy playboys like Ashley St Ives in “Love at First Bite” (1979) as well as characters based around real life people like Artie Shaw from the movie “Shawshank Redemption” (1994).


There are many more celebrities who have lived in Fort Lauderdale and it is interesting when you bump them while walking in the streets!